Brunch Date

I have never, in my life, turned down a brunch invitation.

Going out for dinner is one thing: it’s dark, everyone is more well-dressed, the menu is more expensive and a much more extensive and pretentious drink list is involved. Dinner, I could take or leave, but going out for brunch is my jam. (There’s a breakfast pun in there somewhere. Laugh with me.)

Coffee. Hash browns. Eggs. Six dollar mimosas. Honestly, how could I refuse?

When I got an invite to go to lunch with three of my friends, I was excited for the whole week leading up to it. A little pathetic? Maybe, but I mean business when I say I love going out for brunch.

This post is quickly turning into a game of how often I can write the word “brunch” in 400 words.


The four of us met up at Lola’s Kitchen on Church Street, and we had our six-dollar drinks and consumed copious amounts of breakfast foods. Bliss.


In anyone is wondering, I had the curry tofu scramble.

Naturally, when I’m planning a brunch date, I’m automatically thinking about what I’m going to wear. My first thought was to go casual, to wear something low-key for a Saturday morning breakfast outing. My second thought was I still needed to look cool. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but since I became interested in fashion I feel like I’ve built this reputation for myself around my friends, where they always expect me to be dressed to the nines, or to have some painfully cool look put together.


It should be noted, since I am currently writing this wearing grey sweat shorts and a sweater with a bear on it, that I am not always put together. I don’t always looking like I put any effort in.


This train of thought nagged on me while I was getting dressed, but it got to the point where I was running late and I realized I was being ridiculous.



I decide to go understated: high-waisted jeans, cream shirt and converse. It was gloriously warm and spring-like that day, a truly luxurious weekend, so I put on a long sweater. Since the look was so casual, I went heavy on the gold jewellery but the overall effect (I hope) was easy-breezy-weekend-brunch-esque.



If I pulled that off, great. If I didn’t, well, I enjoyed a cheap mimosa and ate my weight in hash browns, so either way I count that day as a win.



Sweater: Aritzia

Top: Black Market Vintage

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Sneakers: Converse

Bag: Urban Outfitters (Similar)

All rings from Urban Outfitters & Forever 21







Bloor Street Noir

A night out in Toronto isn’t always expensive drinks in Kensington or long dinners at the best places downtown. In fact, if you’re me, nights out are rarely that and more closely resemble something halfway between college tomfoolery and hipster-because-we’re-broke activities.

One of my favourite things to do in the city is see live music. At any given night, in any given location, someone’s band is playing a gig. You can find the events all over Facebook and Twitter. Even with all the festivals we see in the summer set aside, there’s so much music happening in this place, and for me, it’s always a matter of deciding, “fuck it, I’ll go.”

That’s how I wound up going to see Milky Chance in concert with my friend Clare (also the photographer for this post). We had made a split-second decision over Facebook to go weeks before the show, and I promptly forgot about it until just days beforehand.

Naturally, as the event approached, the crucial question of, “what am I gonna wear?” came up.

My problem with concerts is I usually try too hard to look like I’m not trying too hard to look cool. You feel me? You want to somehow achieve the same level of unaffected-coolness as the bearded, tattooed bartenders that serve you $8 beers.

I went with a classic: high waisted jeans (the MOST COMFORTABLE jeans) and a black tee. Boots. Black coat. I needed something a little extra and boom, red lipstick. It’s not fancy but it definitely works for the setting.


And this was our setting: a packed concert at Lee’s Palace and a walk down a rainy, slippery Bloor St. on a Saturday night. Between the blacked-out windows at Honest Ed’s and the neon “open” signs of bubble tea shops and Korean barbecue restaurants, the whole thing felt Noir-esque to me somehow, like I was waiting for a man in a trench coat to come out of an alleyway and hand me a blank envelope.


I’ve been listing to too many mystery podcasts. (You should all be listening to Rabbits, btw.)


But as Clare and I made our way to a bubble tea joint, I proclaimed, “Take my picture in this alleyway.” And then with the lime-green walls inside the aforementioned bubble tea joint.



I didn’t use my good camera, the pictures aren’t high-quality, but sometimes a night is just that. It’s getting sweaty at a show, getting soaked and cold in the rain, laughing your ass off in a lime-green bubble tea shop and taking the subway home at the end of it all.

And that, kids, was a good night out.


Coat – Topshop (Similar)

Tee – Stateside (Similar)

Jeans – AG

Boots – Shoe the Bear


Styling Trousers for Summer

If you are like me, and are a human furnace, you also probably balk at the idea of wearing trousers in the summertime. Because, come on. I can’t even wear pyjama pants to bed in the winter. I get way too warm and end up stripping down. During the summer I’m basically a 24/7 sweat machine.

My not-going-out-today uniform from June to early September is a cotton romper or just straight-up underwear in order to stay alive. Having to wear proper clothing to be around polite company can turn into a chore, and it absolutely boggles my mind when I see people casually walking around in trousers and seeming perfectly fine, while my butt is so sweaty it’s sticking to the seat on the bus.

The key is the material. I own a couple of wool trousers for colder months, but those will not fly with me in July. Linen and cotton should be your best friends during the summer, and most people know that. Or rather, I feel like my mom knows that and is always telling me that, but I’m just grasping the concept now. Natural, lightweight materials will keep you cooler but covered.

When I went prowling around for trousers that fit these descriptors, I found two. One is full-length, the other is cropped and both are made of linen blends.

The first is a dark green, which is badass and a step up from black but still looks great with lighter colours. I went with a white tank top because, let’s be real, your girl needs to avoid armpit stains.


Top: Asos, Trousers: Aritzia, Sunnies: Quay Australia


Since the trousers are full-length, I thought sandals would be a good shoe to keep everything summery.


Shoes: Zara

I can confidently say I took this look on a test run on a sweltering day and am still alive, so it worked.

The second pair are cropped, white trousers from Oak + Fort. When I first tried these on, the elastic waistband made me nervous because that does not always look cute, but these look great.


Top: Aritzia, Trousers: Oak + Fort, Sneakers: Vans

The fit is loose, which I like (skinny jeans in the summer is a form of hell) and the colour is nice for summer and for making things exciting, i.e. I hope I don’t sit in anything coloured today. Since I’m all about wearing colour now, I went wild and wore a yellow top and white sneakers as well.


Watch: Daniel Wellington


I may possibly give off a staring-into-the-sun vibe, but it’s summer, bitchez. Work with me.