Real Cool

I have no idea what it means to be cool. It’s a pretty abstract concept when you think about it. What makes it? Style? Attitude? Aloofness? James Dean’s red jacket in Rebel Without A Cause?

Whatever it is, it’s pretty open to interpretation. For myself in high school, it meant trying to be exactly like the popular kids. As can be expected, that method wasn’t too successful.

Later in university, it meant doing whatever I wanted and TO HELL with the consequences and what everyone else thinks. I am, however, not nearly confident or badass enough to properly pull that off, but the thought was there. Because, let’s be real I care very much about what other people think.

In life, maybe being cool doesn’t actually exist because deep down we’re just a bunch of dorks.


In style, I think the key is learning to be confident in your own decisions. Maybe you know that what you wear isn’t everyone’s taste but you do it anyway because you love it. I’ve been working on this for years while trying to make my wardrobe a little more interesting. Whenever I come across a piece that’s a little different than my usual threads, I think, yes, this will be so dang cool. But then, every time I’m getting dressed, I bypass it for something much more standard.


These jeans are a small example of that process. The whole time I was trying them on, they kept making me think about it. These aren’t even strange, but they’re a step away from my usual black skinnies and mom jeans When I got them, I made a pact with myself that the only way I could justify buying them would be to wear them as much as possible.


Styling them is proving to be a bit difficult, firstly because they’re not a high-rise fit (which just feels weird to me) and secondly because they’re a straight leg jean and I want to keep the proportions balanced.



My most successful attempt is this: a plain white button down and a long coat. Simple but effective, and I feel really good in it. Further staying attempts will continue, of course.


Author’s Note: I should mention this blog post was originally going to be about just how freaking cold it’s getting in Toronto, but I realized I should probably take it a bit deeper than that.

I do stand by that point, though. It’s getting hella cold. It was snowing on me when I took these pictures. I know it’s seasonal but. bro.


Jeans: Levi’s (from Anthropologie)

Shirt: Aritzia

Coat: Topshop

Hat: Aritzia

Necklaces: Oak + Fort, Anthropologie



What I Wore: First Day on the Job



On the first day of my internship, I was faced with a dilemma. I needed to look professional, in a I get my work done well and efficiently way, but I also needed to look cool, in a I get invited to a lot of parties kinda way.

I have no idea how successful I was on either of those fronts, because I honestly believe those are two vibes I am just unable to give off.

But let’s move on. I wore black skinny jeans, even thought it’s June, which are great because they’re stretchy and are definitely more appropriate than my ripped-knee blue jeans. My brogues, I thought, were a perfect combination of the professional yet cool vibes I wanted to emit. A little cutout never killed nobody. (Even if it’s on the foot.)


My blouse was chosen mainly for comfort purposes because it gets some nice ventilation, and also because I fucking love the colour. Accessories-wise, I always have a watch on, but I threw on some other simple adornments just to add a little extra to the look.


My internship doesn’t have a strict dress code. I think it’s more of a wear what you want place. That being said, I work with some exceptional cool-looking people, so I need to step my game up.


Sunglasses: Quay Australia – No longer available.

Blouse: Aritzia – No longer available (in that colour.)

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Michael Kors – I got them majorly reduced at Little Burgundy, but they’re not available anymore.

Necklace: Etsy

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Rings: Brandy Melville – I can’t find the link for them online., but they should still be available.

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