My Top 5 Moments from the Oscars

Their relevancy has been debated heavily in the modern age, but I still love the Oscars. I love movies and I’m fascinated by every aspect of the movie industry. When I was younger, I would always make a list of predictions and watch the Oscars live. I used to practice my own Academy Award acceptance speech in the shower. For best leading actress, naturally, in a movie with Tom Hardy as my co-star, probably.

Now as a bitter adult living in Toronto, I definitely don’t have cable, and I do know that the Oscars aren’t without their problems. It’s not a perfect system. It’s a show rooted in elitist tradition. But still, I hold out, because movies are my first love and I’m down with any night that is dedicated to honouring them.

This year, I was actually able to catch most of the show live, and since it’s a long-ass show with lots of commercial breaks, I’ve compiled my five favourite moments from the show to serve as a little recap.

5. Jackie Chan Wins the Lifetime Achievement Award

So Jackie Chan has worked on an estimated 250 films in his career. If that doesn’t warrant an award, I don’t know what would. The Governor’s award was given back in November, but Jackie also attended the Oscars, and he attended with two stuffed pandas as his dates.

Very pure. Very good.

4. Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress


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Viola Davis is a queen who has been nominated for an Oscar twice before, but finally won on Sunday for her turn as Rose in Fences alongside Denzel Washington. Viola looked stunning in red and was gracious and elegant accepting her award. Naturally, she gave an incredible and powerful speech, so much so that Jimmy Kimmel joked she should get an Emmy for it.

And in an interview after the Oscars were over, Viola dropped another Emmy-worthy response. Upon being asked what she felt the moment her name was announced during the ceremony, she said, “I felt like a princess, and I never feel like a princess.”

3. Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar

This is both a separate and combined thing, because Dev and Sunny have done a lot of press together due to Lion, and have been ridiculously cute the whole time. During the ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel did a bit where he raised Sunny above his head a la Lion King, which was very cute on its own, but THEN I saw pictures of Dev looking on like a besotted mom and I died a little bit.

Which brings me to my next point: Dev brought his mom as his date again and everyone cried because they are so beautiful and awesome and suddenly my skin was cleared.

(I should note that Lion didn’t pick up any awards, but that it is an amazing movie and you should absolutely see it if it you haven’t yet.)

2. Auli’i Cravalho and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Performance


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I love Moana. I’m a pretty big Pixar hoe, so I was already excited to see it, and I was definitely not disappointed. I love the movie but am also obsessed with the soundtrack. Honestly, thank God one of the songs was nominated for best original song because the soundtrack is just so good and catchy and wonderful.

Auli’i Cravalho, who voices Moana in the movie, performed the nominated song “How Far I’ll Go” during the ceremony, with a rap introduction by Mr. Miranda himself. The performance was so good and Auli’i is a beautiful angel who has come down to Earth to bless us all and bring us into a better timeline.

1. Moonlight Wins Best Picture

This was a WILD EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER because I had wanted Moonlight to win so badly, as it’s just fantastic, but was so sure La La Land would win because it is perfect Academy fodder. When La La Land was initially announced as the winner, I resigned myself to the inevitable and shut off the TV.


There was a BBC news alert on my phone, of all things, that said Moonlight was named best picture after La La Land falsely was. Initially, I was convinced it was a joke because of the Steve Harvey thing, but then it was a BBC news alert and I started yelling and immediately went on Twitter to investigate.

Classic live TV blunder???

Either way, I got way jazzed with the result and was basically on a high for the rest of the night. Somehow, the Oscars always wind up getting me hyped like nothing else.


10 Things I Learned in 2016

  1. Every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about. This is an old phrase that was never more relevant to me than this year. Case in point, I got to know a girl this year who always made me feel like crap. Someone who is prettier, skinnier, smarter and all around just… more. I got to know her, expecting not to like her on the basis that I’m jealous of her. Not only do I really like her as a person, but I realized she has to deal with her own deep insecurities. Turns out, we’re all pretty similar in that regard.
  2. You can’t measure your own success by comparing it to others’. Facebook is a black hole of life updates and passive aggressive-ness. Every single time I went on and saw that someone I knew got a job/got published/was in a relationship/was just looking a lot more successful than me, I would get a little jealous and a little sad. That says a lot about my own insecurities, but it’s also common to compare yourself to the people around you. The problem is, when we see everyone’s highlight reel on social media, we think it reflects negatively on ourselves. Firstly, just be happy for others when they find success. Secondly, work on your own shit instead of complaining that other people are getting somewhere.
  3. It’s okay to be scared. In 2016, I graduated from university and moved to a new city. I was excited, but I tried not to let on too much on how I was also terrified. I was so scared to move and to not be a student for the first time in my life. And you know what? It’s totally okay that I was scared. It’s a pretty natural response, and you shouldn’t ignore it.
  4. There are going to be times when you’re alone, and that’s also okay. I have very few friends in Toronto. I don’t get out very much, and I find myself doing most things alone. And that’s fine. There are going to be times when you aren’t surrounded by your friends. It’s part of moving on and changing.
  5. It’s so important to get to know yourself. To reiterate my last point, I’ve spent a lot of time alone in the latter part of this year. I’ve become comfortable with myself, and have gotten to know the current version of me a bit better. I think doing this is a big step in actually being able to like myself.
  6. That boy is literally not worth it. Whatever it is. If you’re pining, angry, hurt or confused, the dude’s probably not worth the trouble.
  7. You will not land in the perfect job right away. Despite what most movies/Facebook will lead you to believe, it’s pretty hard out there for everyone. It’s hard to find a good apartment. It’s hard to find a decent job. It’s incredibly hard to find a decent job you like. You need to keep putting yourself out there, working crappy jobs and fielding rejections left and right. I’m told one day it’ll all pay off.
  8. You need to take care of your skin. I MEAN IT. Moisturize, drink water, wear sunscreen and be kind to your face, goddammit.
  9. No one cares what you’re doing at the gym. Honestly. No one is looking at you. Don’t feel embarrassed, don’t feel like you’re not allowed to take up space. Just do what you gotta do.
  10. “Adulting” is not a thing. Everyone you know is just trying to figure out how to get by in this life, no matter how old they are or what job they’re in. We’re all just figuring it out.

Merry Christmas From The Sondress


To all who celebrate, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great day so far, whether you’re with family or friends, surrounded by strangers or alone. Take some time to relax today and decompress from the pre-holiday craziness.

My next blog post will be up on New Year’s Eve, but after that we’ll go back to regularly scheduled programming.

See you soon! xx