(End Of) Summer Favourites

We make another glorious return to the pages of this blog to celebrate the things I’ve been enjoying over the summer!

As we come into the beginning of autumn (despite the insane heat happening in Ontario right now) I always like to change up my daily routines, whether it be skincare, cleaning, morning or nighttime. Because of that, I thought it best to give a shout out to everything I loved and frequently returned to during the summer months.


(I only have two fashion shout outs bc let’s be real, I always just cycle through the same three outfits when it’s hot out.)



I swear I was so not a Kimono gal before working in fashion retail. Now, I work at a store that always has gorgeous layers available and its made me rethink my stance on the matter. When it’s too warm for a sweater but cool enough for a little something-something, a kimono is the perfect median. Also, this one from Anthropologie gives me awesome Stevie Knicks vibes, which I’m always trying to emulate.

Red Sunnies


Going on my 1970s, Stevie train, I wanted to find a sweet pair of coloured sunnies that actually look good on my extremely round face. I found these guys at a vintage shop here in Toronto called Mama Loves You, and immediately knew I had to get them. Since then, I’ve been wearing them outside, inside, during the day and during the evening because honestly, I feel pretty dang cool when I have them on.


MILK MAKEUP Sunshine Skin Tint


I straight up don’t want to wear foundation in the summer. Ya girl sweats and her pores get clogged and it’s a damn mess. I like to go for BB creams or titled moisturizers in the summer, and I’ve jumped between a few brands in the past before I found the Sunshine Skin Tint from MILK. This is a skin tint like most other skin tints, meaning it has very light coverage and can be applied just with your fingertips. What I loved about this one is the scent, the smooth formula and the addition of nourishing oils within the product. While I would hesitate to recommend this skin tint to those with oily skin, I would say to give it a go if you’ve been looking for something to wear on those no-makeup-but-still-a-little-makeup days.

BH Cosmetics Solar Flare Palette


Who doesn’t love some sparkle and outrageously bold warm tones during the summer months? I came across a Facebook ad (of all things, I know) for BH Cosmetics’ newest baked eyeshadow palettes. The palettes are spaced themed, so obviously I knew I needed to get them. I had never purchased anything from BH before. I was pretty intrigued by the low price point (one full palette was about $25 Canadian) but was wary about the price versus quality conundrum. I ordered the makeup anyway and was pretty chuffed to find out the quality was fantastic upon arrival. The colour payoff is just ridiculous and they shadows blend well. The first few days I had makeup looks from the palette, everyone asked me if I had the Heat palette from Urban Decay, so consider this palette a good dupe.

Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer


Due to unforseen circumstances, I had been in need of a new eye primer back in June right before I left on two-week road trip to the States. The only place I had time to go was Shoppers Drug Mart, where only a few brands have eye primers available. I picked up this Smashbox one on a recommendation, and discovered my new favourite. This stuff is the shit. It’s so good. I gotta say, maybe even better than the Urban Decay primer. (This post is so not meant to be anti-Urban Decay it’s just kinda coming out that way BUT I LOVE YOU UD.) I’ve had this one underneath my makeup in 30 degree heat, during a 20-hour day and during a flash thunderstorm, and in all those moments, my eye makeup held up surprisingly well. If my eyeshadow can stay glittery in the Montana climate, I’m probably good for anything else that comes at me.


Cracked Movie Club Podcast

I love movies – both watching them and learning everything I can about their behind-the-scenes action. This podcast, a relatively new kid on the block, is hosted by two guys, Abe and Tom, who focus on a particular director every month and examine their hit movies in fascinating detail. Some of the things I’ve learned on this podcast have both ruined certain movies for me and made them better.

The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

This album doesn’t necessarily count as a summer favourite as it’s a new release, but I have been listening to it obsessively over the last two weeks, so I’m putting it in because this is my blog and I do what I want. I’ve been a War on Drugs fan for years and my anticipation for this latest release was not for nothing.¬†A Deeper Understanding¬†is a gorgeously crafted album. Every song feels like a story and every note is near-perfect. Honestly, I haven’t really been listening to anything else lately.

Top tracks: Thinking of a Place, Strangest Thing, Pain

The Keepers

This Netflix documentary series was one folks around me had been telling me to watch for a while, but it wasn’t until August that I finally delved into the story about the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik. Stories of sexual assault and violence against women such as this one anger me to no end, but it’s also important for these stories to be told, and their morals discussed. It’s a fantastically gripping series, with every revelation coming at you like a cannonball. However, I would advise against binging – for me, this one was best taken in episodic doses, to absorb every detail and part of the story.


The Witches of New York


I’ve made a pact with myself to read more books this fall, and to start myself off towards the end of the summer, I picked up Ami McKay’s¬†The Witches of New York, a novel about three women in New York in the late 19th century. I won’t say too much about the plot, other than the book combines some of my favourite things: feminism, witchcraft and a championing female friendships above romantic relationships. 10/10 would recommend to anyone shopping for a new read.`

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