My 2017 Style Resolutions

Is this a thing? I’m making it a thing.

  1. Go with your first instinct. Stop second guessing every single outfit and learn to be confident in your own taste.
  2. Invest in good pieces. Start saving up for well-made core pieces of clothing and accessories instead of continuously buying cheaply made renditions. And to follow up on that:
  3. Stop buying things just because they’re on sale. Why do you do this??? Why??? YOU WILL NOT WEAR IT. EVER.
  4. Wear primary colours. Match a bold, medium blue with a red. Wear yellow and blue together. Who gives a fuck.
  5. Stop hoarding clothes you never wear. Honestly. Why do you always say, “I may need it sometime.” You haven’t needed it yet, and you’ve had it for a year. Donate it, sell it, give it away, just get rid of it.
  6. Completely ignore “dressing for your body type” articles in magazines.
  7. Find jeans that actually fit.
  8. Don’t try to pin your style into one category. Just wear what you like and take it from there.

One thought on “My 2017 Style Resolutions

  1. Good advice about purging the wardrobe now and again. My 2017 style resolution is to find good looking clothes that disguise my muffin- top.


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