Rain & Another First Day

On the first day of my new job, it rained. Or rather, it poured.

Initially I took this as a bad sign, mostly because the cool shoes I wanted to wear to impress everyone can’t get too wet, so I threw those suckers into a bag and wore rain boots.

I just thought, is this the way to start a new job?

And since it was raining, I had to take my outfit pictures indoors. I cursed the heavens silently.

I was, of course, being overdramatic, a very on-brand quality if I do say so myself. My first day was fine. It rained really hard, and my first day was fine.

This new job is still not a grown-up job. I consider a grown-up job the day I get a pension plan and for-real vacation time. No, this job lands me back in the Wonderful, Wacky World of Retail. I’m back, bitches.

I’ve officially retired my ice-cream scoop for cooler shoes. Tips for staff discounts. Screaming children for screaming adults. So it goes.

Retail can be the absolute worst, but since my heart belongs to clothes, I have a feeling I’ll be much better off here than at the ice cream parlour. Free ice cream is good. A 60% off discount is real good.

So what does one wear on the first day of a retail job? One that has a struct dress code and is in a pretty nice end of town?


Denim, obviously.

Listen up kids: I stand by what I said on one of the first posts for this goddam blog. Somehow you have to try, but not look like you’re trying too hard. I wore jeans. Now, according to the dress code of my new workplace, I have to ~elevate~ the denim. I have to make it more ~fashionable~.


Plus, these jeans from Urban Outfitters are so comfortable and fit so well that I’m wearing them all over the dang place.


To me, this clearly meant I needed to don a simple blouse and my heeled old-man shoes.


To be fair, once I put this look together, I actually really liked it. Probably will be repeating it in the near future. It also passed the true test, which was I spoke with multiple managers and no one said I wasn’t adhering to the code. Success.

Outfit Details

Blouse: Topshop

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Asos

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Rings: Topshop and Aldo


Natasha Does TURF

Split-second decisions sometimes yield great things. Last Friday was proof of that.

My sister came across a deal from Blundstone to get day passes for TURF at a discounted cost. We decided right then and there to go, but only picked one day. Friday. My sister could see Explosions in the Sky and I could see James Bay. Done and done.

Turns out, those VIP passes were cheaper than general admission the day of. They also, somehow, got us access to the front of stage area-extra VIP-so I could embarrass myself right smack in front of the performers. (I did NOT cry during James Bay but I screamed a lot and kept getting side-eyed by security. Which was, you know, fair.)


RIP Natasha, died this day the 16th of September due to James Bay exposure

It was a little strange. Having gone to Osheaga, I’m used to having to either camp out for hours at the front of the stage or nearly literally fight someone, or probably both, to get a good spot. When Explosions in the Sky were on, the crowd wasn’t huge. We wandered over to the front of stage area and hung out with maybe a dozen other people. As far as music festivals go, it was bewildering.

Other than the great performances, my sister and I made it our mission to sample from as many food trucks as possible. In the span of a few hours, I ate mac and cheese, an ice pop, vegan ice cream and a beaver tail. There were no regrets until the next day. Then there were a few regrets.

I wore what I consider to be “festival attire” – the mild version. A look that says, “Hey I’m here to listen to some cool music because I too am cool” with a side of “I copied this entire look from Instagram.”


I wore boots because 1) they are the most superior footwear and 2) the most protective when there’s garbage and drunk people around.


It was a disgustingly perfect day for a music fest: warm but not too warm, a gorgeous sunset and a cool evening. I had to steal my sister’s scarf while waiting in line but she came prepared.


Sisters, doing it for themselves

TURF was probably one of the most low-key music festivals I have ever been to. If I’m being honest, it was a really nice change from the complete insanity of big-ticket shindigs. Those weekends have their time and place, but so do fests like TURF, where it really is all about listening to some good music. And eating. Obviously.


Top: Zara (Not available!) – Similar

Backpack: Zara (Not available!) – Similar

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Zara (Not available!) – Similar

Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Choker: Urban Outfitters


It Glitters

It began last year, my association with autumn and sparkly eye makeup.

I had this gold-y, bronze-y makeup look perfected that was always completed in the same four steps.

Imagine my delight when I got my hands on makeup products that take basically the same look down to one or two steps. Sometimes I like taking time on my makeup, sometimes I really don’t, yanno?

Recently, I wrote a piece for Novella Magazine about fall beauty trends, and something I came across in my research was sparkle. Glittery eyes and metallic lips.

Now that the weather has finally started to cool down, the basic bitch inside me is living and knows there’s no time like the present to test out a fall makeup trend. For me, colder weather is about bringing back the glam. only very few can do glam all year round. I am not one of those few. Summer is about neutrals and ease. Effortless. Autumn is when I’m aiming for something along the lines of, she could steal your heart and maybe your soul, too. Way dramatic.

That being said, these makeup looks I tried out are really not that dramatic. This is an experiment in me taking the trend and applying it in ways I would actually wear out of the house, and have done.

For each look, there’s a corresponding product, so consider this also a review.

Glittery Eyes

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow


Mooning (L) and Game Face

I love Colour Pop. I loooooooove. I’m not sponsored by them but I damn wish I was. I’m just a big fan, and one of the reasons for that is it’s some pretty good shit for pretty cheap prices. The only downside is living in Canada. For a number of reasons.

I’ve only used their shadows a few times before, so when I saw some metallic shades online, I thought, hell yeah.


Wearing Game Face alone

I ordered two, in the shades Game Face and Mooning. I’ve worn Game Face quite a few times by now on its own, and it’s an awesome way to get that metallic shimmery eye really quickly. I use my fingers to apply the shadow and usually wear it without any other shadows because it’s glorious and pigmented and all that good stuff.


Game Face and Mooning

Mooning is darker and sparkle-ier. (I’m making up so many words in this blog post. Who has a journalism degree? What?) I tried applying it with a brush to get a bit on the outside of the eye, but again it works best with the finger. Just dab it. It gets a bit messy but I actually kinda like it that way. It’s like, I didn’t try that hard, but I still look amazing.

Kat Von D Serpentina Eye Shadow Palette


I was really unsure about this guy when I picked it up at Sephora. Normally, I hear only good reviews for Kat Von D products, but there are a few glitter eye palettes on the market right now, and a lot of them are getting mixed reviews. Chalk it up to different ways people have tried applying the shadows, maybe.


Just like the Colour Pop, I found I got much less colour payoff with the shadows when I applied them with a brush. For this palette, I’d say either use a wet brush (haven’t tried that, but may work) or just keep it going with the FANGER. I got glitter all over my hands when I was trying these shadows out.


The shades I used (Hieroglyph and Medusa) were definitely more sparkly than the Colour Pop, but I loved them because of that. These are really similar shades, but the formulas wear very differently. For the bang for your buck, though, maybe go with the Colour Pop. Although, the Serpentina palette has some other shades I’m pretty keen to try out soon.

Metallic Lips

Colour Pop Metallic Liquid Lipstick


Dear God, what? Metallic lips were something that initially, I was not feeling. I am about that matte lip. You see me with that matte lip. I’m not even crazy about lip glosses.

At the same time, I was curious. What in the heck will these be like. So, I grabbed two shades from Colour Pop. For science.


Kween, the first shade, is a red with gold glitter. It takes a few layers to get full colour effect, but once you do it’s pretty wicked. I hadn’t even worn this before taking these pictures but I actually really liked it on. There’s something very Christmas-esque to me about.


Zebra is pure metallic. It’s bronze liquid goodness and holy crap is it pigmented. I actually have worn this lipstick once before on a night out, but it was in August and I got so sweaty my whole face melted off. For the second trial, it was as good as I remembered, but I’m still on the fence about wether the colour is good on me. I like it, but I also think the bronze is kinda unflattering for my skin tone. However, it does fit in perfectly with my current ~earth tones~ aesthetic, so to hell with the rules and maybe I’ll just wear it anyway.

Moving Part 2 & Making Due

As far back as I can remember, September has alway signified a new start more than New Year’s Day. Every single September, since I was four years old going to kindergarten, I’ve started a new year of school, with new classmates, new subjects to learn and, of course, new clothes.

This September, I’m not going back to school, and it’s freaking me out. A lot. I went to Walmart last week to buy some items for the house and upon nearly being tackled by the mother of a college student in the storage aisle, realized that I was no longer one of them. My life as a student is over. Or at least suspended.

This September, I still find myself in the midst of a few changes, the biggest one being that I moved again. On Wednesday the 31st of August, I waved goodbye to my College Street apartment and hello to my new place further west in Toronto.


The old place.


With the help of a U-Haul van I named Byron, I moved all of my things over the course of the morning. By the end of it all, I was sweaty and my arms were sore. The next day I couldn’t lift anything higher than shoulder height, which was simultaneously hilarious and sad.


The new place, in the midst of battle.

It’s been five days, and I haven’t unpacked everything. Not gonna lie, I’ve also just put off properly moving in because I don’t even have everything here. Most of my fall/winter wardrobe is still hanging out in Kingston, and since we’re heading into that time of year, somehow I need to get that down here ASAP.

But this is where I am: half-moved in, re-adjusting to a new neighbourhood, again, and trying to get one day off from work so I can bring the rest of my crap down.


Slightly moved in.

Aside from my ~very glamorous~ magazine gig, I have an actual paying job at an ice cream shop. It’s pretty thankless work, as most positions in the service industry are, but it’s work, and that can be pretty hard to come by these days.

I’ve had a few jobs in the service industry, mostly in retail, and every time I served those who work the 9-5s, those with pensions and stable paycheques and long weekends off I would look at them in awe. Those who bask in everything the light touches. In my mind, that was always the best place to be, though I know those jobs aren’t without their own problems.

Before, I felt I had an excuse because I was still in school, but now having graduated, I immediately felt the pressure to land a proper, grown-up job. It’s not that easy, of course. I studied journalism in school. My nepotism game is weak, so it’s either get really lucky or make your own job.

After graduation, I immediately began comparing myself to the most successful graduates from my year. It was inevitable, because those are the only people you see anything from on Facebook, other than every freakin’ person who’s travelling to Iceland lately. I felt inadequate. I felt like a failure, like I didn’t prepare myself while I was in school for the time after it. I didn’t do enough internships. I didn’t network enough. These thoughts constantly swirled in my head and have made me apply to communications jobs with an alarming fervour.

This is the reality: life after graduation is hard. It’s hard to get a job (if you’re in arts anyway, I couldn’t tell you about the science or engineering fields). It’s even harder to get a job you really like. It’s hard to make friends when you live in a different city than where you went to school. It’s hard to find an apartment. And it’s hard to feel like you need to defend your current situation to anyone who asks, “What is it that you do?” (The truth is you don’t. You really don’t.)

Learning not to compare yourself to others is a lifelong task. The proverbial Jonses, in whatever form they plague you in, are always just visible in your peripheral. What needs to be realized is we’re all moving at different paces. We’re all a bunch of monkeys trying our best in this life.

This is only the fourth month I’ve been outside of school. As much as I would like to waltz into my dream job, it won’t happen. I haven’t been in the job-hunting game for long. You need to work hard and do your time working crappy jobs until you make it. The most reassuring thing to hear is that, at the end of it all, you will make it, but I can’t guarantee that for myself. I have no idea what’ll happen in the next year, even in the next few months, but until then I need to keep sending out desperate cover letters and working the service industry like a goddam pro.