Three Summer Hats

As far back as I can remember, my mom has always told me, “You’re a hat girl. You can always rock a hat.”

Because of that, I decided I wanted hats to become my thing. Though, that was hard to do because I didn’t own anything other than a ball cap and a toque for the winter.

Every time I go into a store with hats on display, I try on at least one. They’re easy to throw on, to pose in front of a mirror and think, yeah, I could rock this hat no problem. Thing is, hats aren’t always the easiest thing to wear if you don’t consciously decide to wear them. What I mean is, I liked hats, but I liked the idea of them. I never actually wore the damn things.

Now, as a semi-almost-nearly adult, I’ve consciously started to wear hats for a few reasons:

  1. Bad hair days magically disappear. What bad hair? You never saw bad hair here.
  2. I’ve experienced a sunburn on the top of my head once and I’m never doing it again.
  3. Instant cool. I feel like I always say that a certain fashion piece makes you instantly cool but I really mean it. A hat could be instant mystery – is that Carmen Sandiego? Or it could make you reach instant rockstar status – that girl’s wearing a hat, maybe she’s in a band.
  4. Now that I’ve said instant cool I realize I also wear hats that are more grandmother-ly in vibe, but I work that look.

And in my growing hat collection, there are three that work perfectly for this late summer time of year.

The Floppy Hat


This was one of the first hats I ever bought. I wanted one of American Apparel’s felt hats for ages, and when I finally got my hands on its sweet neutral glory, I couldn’t wait to become “the girl in the hat.” And I did. I wore it to my brother’s university graduation and I really felt like I was that girl. I consider this to be my spring/summer, watching the polo match hat.


The Fedora


This hat was inspired by too many pictures of cool-looking girls in brown fedoras on all of the autumn blogs I follow on Tumblr. Believe me, I recognize all of the cliches in the sentence. Once I got the idea in my head that I too needed a hat like that, I went on the hunt for one. I found this bad boy at the Nordstrom in Ottawa back when I was in school. I got it in August, and every year around that time it begins to make appearances until the end of fall.


The Straw Hat


With all of these felt and wool hats, I realized I didn’t own a single straw hat. I always borrowed ones from my mom at home, and up until a few years ago I thought straw hats were lame. How young and naive I was. With how unbelievably hot and sunny it’s been in Ontario this summer, the only option sometimes is a straw hat. I picked up this hat at a vintage store in Toronto, and while it has given me insane hat-hair, it has also given me a brief reprise from the brutal sun. The shape is a little old school, a little matronly, but I actually really like that. Straw hats aren’t sexy, but they are useful. Right now, that’s all I care about.


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