What I Wore: “Is this 90s?”


I’ve titled this blog post “Is this 90s?” because that is an actual question I asked out loud about this outfit. Naturally, the answer was, “Yeah, I guess. I dunno.”

I took that as an enthusiastic yes.


I’m in the mentality right now where whenever I’m putting together an outfit, and I feel like it’s a little lacking, I just think, put a choker on it. Instant cool-ish. To me, a small addition of an accessory can really put together a look. For this particular look, I was feeling that accessory.



I don’t really know what to call this, maybe something along the lines of, “day-off outfit.” The motivation behind this look was comfort. The bodysuit and jeans are super soft and comfortable. As I write this, I’m sprawled out in a rather inelegant position on my couch, all made possible by the comfort of this outfit.


And since we’re doing full disclosure here, I got these jeans on sale at Topshop. $30. The last pair I found in the shop. I felt blessed. I’ve been looking for a high-waisted boyfriend jean for what feels like a millennium, but it’s not easy to get that loose, easy fit when you have any kind of curves going on. These guys are a little loose in the waist, but I’m into it. These are possibly the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn.

*praise hands emoji*


Alright, enough about the jeans. The rest of the outfit was put together with things I’ve been really into lately (re: my favourites post with these shoes). I’m having a bit of a closet renaissance right now where I’m rediscovering pieces and re-styling them to discover I actually love them. I would highly recommend doing the same to everyone reading this.



Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop – Similar (I raved about these for a full paragraph and I can’t find them online I am so sorry.)

Shoes: Seychelles  – Similar

Choker: Urban Outfitters

Sunnies: Black Market Vintage



3 thoughts on “What I Wore: “Is this 90s?”

  1. Totally feeling some Rachel Green vibes from this look! I love it! I also wanted to let you know that if you were interested, I nominated you in my Sunshine Blogger Award Post! I love your blog, and you have some killer photography skills! Keep it up!


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