Styling Trousers for Summer

If you are like me, and are a human furnace, you also probably balk at the idea of wearing trousers in the summertime. Because, come on. I can’t even wear pyjama pants to bed in the winter. I get way too warm and end up stripping down. During the summer I’m basically a 24/7 sweat machine.

My not-going-out-today uniform from June to early September is a cotton romper or just straight-up underwear in order to stay alive. Having to wear proper clothing to be around polite company can turn into a chore, and it absolutely boggles my mind when I see people casually walking around in trousers and seeming perfectly fine, while my butt is so sweaty it’s sticking to the seat on the bus.

The key is the material. I own a couple of wool trousers for colder months, but those will not fly with me in July. Linen and cotton should be your best friends during the summer, and most people know that. Or rather, I feel like my mom knows that and is always telling me that, but I’m just grasping the concept now. Natural, lightweight materials will keep you cooler but covered.

When I went prowling around for trousers that fit these descriptors, I found two. One is full-length, the other is cropped and both are made of linen blends.

The first is a dark green, which is badass and a step up from black but still looks great with lighter colours. I went with a white tank top because, let’s be real, your girl needs to avoid armpit stains.


Top: Asos, Trousers: Aritzia, Sunnies: Quay Australia


Since the trousers are full-length, I thought sandals would be a good shoe to keep everything summery.


Shoes: Zara

I can confidently say I took this look on a test run on a sweltering day and am still alive, so it worked.

The second pair are cropped, white trousers from Oak + Fort. When I first tried these on, the elastic waistband made me nervous because that does not always look cute, but these look great.


Top: Aritzia, Trousers: Oak + Fort, Sneakers: Vans

The fit is loose, which I like (skinny jeans in the summer is a form of hell) and the colour is nice for summer and for making things exciting, i.e. I hope I don’t sit in anything coloured today. Since I’m all about wearing colour now, I went wild and wore a yellow top and white sneakers as well.


Watch: Daniel Wellington


I may possibly give off a staring-into-the-sun vibe, but it’s summer, bitchez. Work with me.

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