What I Wore: Saturday Night

In the question of, “How 70s can this girl possibly go,” the answer is, actually, quite a lot.

Mind you, I am missing the Farrah Fawcett hair.


Sometimes I find things in my wardrobe that I realized have not seen the sun (or the streetlights) for quite some time. These pants are a perfect example of that. I bought them I believe two summers ago now, and I don’t wear them nearly as often as I should. That being said, every time I think about giving them away, I’m like hell nah.


I do love these pants. I don’t have the skinniest legs, and while that’s hardly a problem I do have days where I’m feeling a bit self-conscious and I think: why not cover up with some billowy-satin goodness? A wide-leg trouser is just so universally flattering. This past Saturday, that was the exact thought process I went through went I got dressed to go out. I donned those bad boys and a backless plunge bodysuit because why the heck not.


I like to call this look vintage sailor/disco queen realness. Good for a Saturday night on the town. Heck, good for any time of day depending on how comfortable you are having 1/3 of your boobs hanging out.



Pants: Zara (similar, in a crop)

Bodysuit: American Apparel

Necklace: Bloody Mary Metal (similar)

Watch: Daniel Wellington


Bright Lipsticks for Summer

I’m a person who generally likes to wear makeup. Not everyday, depending on what I may be doing, but I like do it. I spend arguably too much time watching makeup tutorials online and mooning over Sephora products I definitely do not need. I love makeup, but I don’t always love wearing it in the summer.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I get really hot. I tend to run pretty warm all year round, but in the summer I’m a human furnace walking through a furnace planet. Sweat happens. Makeup doesn’t seem like such good idea when it’s probably just going to melt off of my face.

That being said, there are still those days where I’m feeling a little glam. Those days where I want a little something extra. I’m a big believer in people finding confidence in themselves without makeup, but I’m also a big believer that some days, all you need is a little bright lipstick to take you out of the dumps.

Since it’s summertime, it’s also the perfect time to rock a ridiculously bright lip. Not that you can’t do that all year round, but I personally gravitate towards the dark and moody shades in the colder months, and the summer is all about bight and neon.

Under the cut are some of my favourite bright, bold lipsticks to rock in the summer.

Lipstick 1


MAC – “Flat Out Fabulous” Retro Matte and “More to Love” Lip Liner

When I first picked this lipstick up at MAC, it was more of a spur-of-the-moment purchase than anything else. This dark pink-ey shade? Really? When am I going to wear this? Turns out the answer to that is all the freakin’ time in the spring and summer. I think this is a super fun shade that is nice for casual daytime activities but still adds that pop of colour, yanno?

Lipstick 2


MAC – “Heroine” Matte Lipstick

Unlike Flat Out Fabulous, I knew exactly what this lipstick would be for when I bought it. Summertime going-out lipstick, babeh. Oh yeah. And I have worn this out so many times going out with friends on those summer nights. Usually every time I wear it, I get at least one person asking, “Is that Heroine by MAC?”

Lipstick 3


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Mischevious” 

Budget lipsticks are good lipsticks. I love MAC and Bite Beauty and NARS a whole heck of a lot, but when you’re on a budget there’s just no way to get all high-end all the time. Let’s be real. The Revlon Colorburst lipsticks have been around for ages, and they’re still great. The matte balms aren’t totally matte. They still have a bit of wetness to them, but that means they’re also not completely drying like other mattes can be. I’ve had this coral shade for about three years. And because of that, actually, I’m still using it even though it’s down to the smallest nub. That’s how much I love this lipstick/how lazy I am when it comes to replacing it.

Lipstick 4


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Persimmon” 

I love me a good red lipstick. I loooooove it. I love. Back when I had my white blonde hair, I was all about it. The contrast mad it such a look I’m telling you. Even now as a brunette, I still gravitate towards dramatic reds. To me there’s just something so classic and striking about a red lip. It takes me from my awkward self to a mysterious, probably dangerous femme fatale. In theory, anyway. In the fall, it’s about those brown-based reds. At Christmas, obviously ya girl is going for a blue-based bright red. In the summer, it’s all about the orange-based red. It works perfectly for the season and gives you those Bond-girl-on-vacation vibes all the time.

What I Wore: Summer Dresses

Summer here is hot. Really hot. There are days of blistering sunshine and nights with the windows thrown open and fans on full blast. Booming thunderstorms break up the sunlight but thrive on the existence of a humidity so thick you feel as though you are walking inside of a latte.

If winter is for putting on as many layers as possible, summer is all about taking them off.

There’s an ease to summer dressing you’re hard-pressed to find in any other season. Maybe I simply don’t dress to impress as often because I can’t find the energy amidst the heat. We become shapeless in the summer in an entirely different way to the hulking, tightly wound figures of winter. In summer, we are shapeless in loose fabrics, bare skin shining, stretched out onto the grass in indiscernible shapes.

I hate and love summer dressing. I love it because you can throw on a single piece of clothing: a dress, a romper, a swimsuit and call it a day, usually with no makeup because otherwise you may just sweat it off. I hate it because I feel like I never look as put together as I do in the fall, when my aesthetic turns from 90’s street trash to otherworldly being. Or maybe I always look the same and I’m just projecting right now.

Either way, summertime is throw-it-on-and-go time, and I’m of the belief that one of the best things you can throw on is a lightweight dress. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. *whispers* Covergirl.

(This post is not sponsored by Covergirl.)

What’s not to love about throwing on a dress in the summer? You can still look pretty put-together while getting a nice crotch breeze. I realize the phrase “crotch breeze” is not an elegant one but I think it’s probably the most effective way to describe it. You know what I’m talking about.

Dress One



Is it a dress? Is it your grandfather’s nightshirt? Does it matter either way?


This is a linen-blend dress, so the long sleeves aren’t too stifling. Buttons all the way down the front and a really loose fit because 1) ya girl has a big butt and I didn’t want that getting tight at any point and 2) the looser the fit = the higher the comfort factor. Obviously going too loose on certain dresses can give more of a potato-sack-esque vibe, but that’s a look in its own right if it’s what you’re going for.


Dress: H&M

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Dress Two


When I wore this dress to my university graduation, not only did I look cute, but I didn’t get overheated under the robe because it’s 100% linen.



This dress makes me feel like a badass fairy princess when I wear it, or something like that. It’s white, which is terrifying, but it also has pockets, which is a game-changer.


Dress: Aritzia

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: Quay Australia (Similar)

Styling Trousers for Summer

If you are like me, and are a human furnace, you also probably balk at the idea of wearing trousers in the summertime. Because, come on. I can’t even wear pyjama pants to bed in the winter. I get way too warm and end up stripping down. During the summer I’m basically a 24/7 sweat machine.

My not-going-out-today uniform from June to early September is a cotton romper or just straight-up underwear in order to stay alive. Having to wear proper clothing to be around polite company can turn into a chore, and it absolutely boggles my mind when I see people casually walking around in trousers and seeming perfectly fine, while my butt is so sweaty it’s sticking to the seat on the bus.

The key is the material. I own a couple of wool trousers for colder months, but those will not fly with me in July. Linen and cotton should be your best friends during the summer, and most people know that. Or rather, I feel like my mom knows that and is always telling me that, but I’m just grasping the concept now. Natural, lightweight materials will keep you cooler but covered.

When I went prowling around for trousers that fit these descriptors, I found two. One is full-length, the other is cropped and both are made of linen blends.

The first is a dark green, which is badass and a step up from black but still looks great with lighter colours. I went with a white tank top because, let’s be real, your girl needs to avoid armpit stains.


Top: Asos, Trousers: Aritzia, Sunnies: Quay Australia


Since the trousers are full-length, I thought sandals would be a good shoe to keep everything summery.


Shoes: Zara

I can confidently say I took this look on a test run on a sweltering day and am still alive, so it worked.

The second pair are cropped, white trousers from Oak + Fort. When I first tried these on, the elastic waistband made me nervous because that does not always look cute, but these look great.


Top: Aritzia, Trousers: Oak + Fort, Sneakers: Vans

The fit is loose, which I like (skinny jeans in the summer is a form of hell) and the colour is nice for summer and for making things exciting, i.e. I hope I don’t sit in anything coloured today. Since I’m all about wearing colour now, I went wild and wore a yellow top and white sneakers as well.


Watch: Daniel Wellington


I may possibly give off a staring-into-the-sun vibe, but it’s summer, bitchez. Work with me.