What I Wore: First Day on the Job



On the first day of my internship, I was faced with a dilemma. I needed to look professional, in a I get my work done well and efficiently way, but I also needed to look cool, in a I get invited to a lot of parties kinda way.

I have no idea how successful I was on either of those fronts, because I honestly believe those are two vibes I am just unable to give off.

But let’s move on. I wore black skinny jeans, even thought it’s June, which are great because they’re stretchy and are definitely more appropriate than my ripped-knee blue jeans. My brogues, I thought, were a perfect combination of the professional yet cool vibes I wanted to emit. A little cutout never killed nobody. (Even if it’s on the foot.)


My blouse was chosen mainly for comfort purposes because it gets some nice ventilation, and also because I fucking love the colour. Accessories-wise, I always have a watch on, but I threw on some other simple adornments just to add a little extra to the look.


My internship doesn’t have a strict dress code. I think it’s more of a wear what you want place. That being said, I work with some exceptional cool-looking people, so I need to step my game up.


Sunglasses: Quay Australia – No longer available.

Blouse: Aritzia – No longer available (in that colour.)

Jeans: Topshop http://goo.gl/cDyR9s

Shoes: Michael Kors – I got them majorly reduced at Little Burgundy, but they’re not available anymore.

Necklace: Etsy https://goo.gl/v47kRY

Watch: Daniel Wellington https://goo.gl/2JuKJv

Rings: Brandy Melville – I can’t find the link for them online., but they should still be available.

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